OUR MISSION is to stop this massive development from being built as proposed. The members of SAVE HOLY HILL support Berkeley's goal to provide more affordable senior housing. In fact, the majority of our members are seniors, themselves! This proposed project is NOT going to bring senior housing relief to Berkeley. This is a continued care complex which caters to the very wealthy who have the choice to live anywhere they please. This project is wrong for Berkeley. We oppose the demolition of an entire city block of historically valuable buildings in a residential neighborhood in order to house over 500 new residents in two huge buildings, plus their staff, administrators & guests. We do not think it is right, we do not think it is fair, and we do not think it is wise. We know that The Pacific School of Religion has vowed to sell its property, and that this property will be sold and developed in some way -- but we are determined to be a part of that process. The Pacific School of Religion campus is a unique, historic place where people have come for the last 90 years to enjoy tranquility and natural beauty; to meet friends, watch their children play, and to spend peaceful time alone. Times and needs will continue to change, but the need to keep the unique charm and beauty that is Berkeley is timeless. Our mission is to stay smart and keep what is good about Berkeley; to support a vibrant, robust and healthy community which values its history while looking forward into a bright future.

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